Renewable Energy Is The Next Step

renewable energy

Let’s look at things this way. Over millions of years our planet has taken the CO2 from the atmosphere and hidden it in the ground, thus creating the optimum conditions for animal life to develop and thrive. What humanity does now, is to take the CO2 from the ground and throw it back in the atmosphere. How can we call this? Maybe ignorance, maybe greed. Something is clear, fossil fuels have helped do their job in the evolution of society, but now it’s time to evolve past these toxic energy…

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The Truth Behind The War Machine

truth about war

There’s nothing good we could say when talking about violence, and especially war. It is not who we are. Letting our egos control our lives, inevitably leads to all the low emotional states a human being can have. This is our current society, and unfortunately we are being manipulated by a number of people that have hidden interests. It is all about divide and conquer, lies and deceit. Nothing is what it seems. However, what is true, is that we are much purer being that we’ve been led to think.…

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Wildife Is An Extension Of Humanity

wildlife protection

We are forgetting that everything we ever had or will have can be found on this round planet floating in space. Nobody is more responsible for what happens here than us. Modern society, unfortunately blocked our connection with the complex biosphere surrounding us. This made us lose our empathy, and the sense that we are part of a greater system, in which every individual has its own role. Now more than ever, we need to evolve in harmony with our home and the creatures we share it with. We must…

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Changing Perspective Can Bring New Opportunities


As we grow up we built values and principles. Life and circumstances modulate us, and we become a mirror of our society. Or maybe society is a mirror of us? Either way, our perceptions are a major part of our decision making process. What if we try and change perspective, and look at life, the world, from different angles? What if we try and look at things how they are, instead of how society wants us? It would make a big difference, and our collective choices would probably be much healthier.…

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Do More Than Just Exist, Make A Difference

make a difference

The only way to see positive changes happening around us, is by getting involved in building the world we want. So far we are only subestimating the power a person has to make a difference in this world. Nobody is going to do it for us. We are here with a purpose. We are not just parasites, we are creators, and deep inside us we know we are part of a greater pattern. Throw away your ignorance and fear, and be an example for others. Make the world a better place than…

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Bring Understanding Before Judgement


Why do we judge? Is it us or just our egos? Filtering our lives through our egos, creates differences and judgement. It is a way of reassuring that the one that is Me, is better than the one that is You. Or it might be a way to exteriorise our inner tensions, of letting out what we don’t like about ourselves, and that we see in others. Whether jealousy, envy or frustration, judging creates disharmony inside of us, but at the same time opens our eyes to our inner issues. Everytime we are tempted…

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Mastering Your Mind

mind power

Everything is mind. It all starts with our thoughts. The way we look at life, our perception, the people in our lives, our experiences, they are all filtered by our minds. However, are we still in control of our minds, of our thoughts? Do we even realize the Big Picture anymore, or have we lost ourselves in the superficial details that make up our daily routine? The one that masters his mind, can easily master his life. The following album will take you through some interesting tips and perspectives. Emancipate your mind and take…

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Don’t Trash Our Future. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle !!


We are all part of a global society, and unfortunately, we don’t think too much about the consequences of our actions. We’ve slowly built ourselves a consummatory society, which we’ve further transformed into a disposable one. We consider it is easier to throw things away, than to fix or recycle them. Earth is finite, but we live as if we have no end. What we need now, is to bring respect and responsibility back in our lives, and act as the elevated beings that we consider ourselves. Awakening is an inside job…

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Protecting The Environment Means Protecting Our Future Selves

environment protection

We must remember, as part of the human family, that we only get one Planet. We’ve forgotten to take in consideration the impact our modern lives have on the environment. Blinded by greed and power, we’ve lost our connection with nature and our real purpose here. Brainwashed and modulated by the social game we live in, we’ve lost our respect, responsibility and admiration for life and nature. Earth is finite, and sooner or later, everything we do to our environment, will impact us as well. It is a mirror of…

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Why Do We Still Let The System Play Us?

society system

We are society, and more than that, we are the change. We hold in our hands the potential for a better future. We’ve been systematically conditioned in our right to be alive, and in our capacity to explore our human potential. Without realizing, we’ve slowly become trapped in a vicious circle, a subjugating system. What does it mean to have a normal life anymore? Where are we heading for? Question everything and emancipate your mind. Learn to see behind the social veil, and understand the big picture. Awakening is an inside…

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