Acid Vs Alkaline Diets And Health

acid vs alkaline food

Not many people know that the food we eat has a strong influence on the pH level of our blood, and body in general. The pH level is a strong indicator of how healthy an organism is, and how sensitive or predisposed it has become to future illnesses. Understanding this, and keeping on the right track, will mean the difference between a healthier energized life, or the opposite. Emancipate your mind !! Knowledge is empowering !!

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How Money Influence Social Mentality


It brings out the good and bad in us. They give us power and the ability to make decisions that impact our society. They make us love and hate each other, envy or be jealous of each other. They create classes in society, so much that people are being ranked based on how much of them they have. But they also make our society seem evil, bringing forward things like corruption, war, drug trafficking, etc. All of these are done guessed it..a piece of paper called Money. Emancipate your mind…

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

There is one necessity that we need to satisfy every day. It is called eating. And we literally are what we eat. Our body uses every last molecule of the food we ingest, to repair and maintain itself. Knowing this, we realize that it is important what we give it to work with. The quality and quantity of our food will make a difference, so much that the need for medicine will be a thing of the past. Emancipate your mind !! Knowledge is empowering !!

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The Power Of Mass Media Control

media power

If we are talking about truth in the age of information, then we know that there are many ways of distorting reality and the facts presented to the public. The mass media of today is probably the most powerful entity on Earth. It has the power to control the minds of people, and to manipulate the awareness of a society. But it is in our power to question everything and seek the truth. Emancipate your mind and expand your awareness!! Awakening is an inside job !!

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Love Is What We Are


Love is the ultimate emotion. The only force that can bring people together, in an unconditional way. We are here to learn how to give love, and how to receive love. There is a choice we must make every day between fear and love. We could say everything around us is temporary, only the love in our hearts will last forever. It is our inner essence and the force that keeps our universe in balance. For only love brings harmony and an elevated state of mind. When in love, we are one with…

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Understanding The Enemy Called Fear

We all go through life experiencing different emotions. One of the lowest states that we find ourselves in is fear. There are actually two basic emotions, fear and love. When in love we are one with life, and we know deep inside nothing can brake us. Fear is the opposite state. We fall in fear when we forget we are alive, our essence and connection with the miracles happening around us every moment. Learn to be in control and conscious of your inner state. Don’t let fear overcome love, because…

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The Real Owners Of The World

george carlin

George Carlin knows what’s going on. And what’s going on is your getting played. It’s funny but deadly serious. We’ve been divided and conquered and its time to get our world back. We are all fulled into thinking everything is running smooth, and in the mean time we’ve been enslaved by the real owners of the world. They don’t care about us, and as long as we keep ignorant and play by their rules, nothing will change for good. It is in our power to bring the change. Nobody will do it…

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Some Advice About People And Self

advice about people

In today’s society there is a constant interaction between people, both at a physical and emotional level. What if we realized that the way we behave and influence the ones around us, can actually lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Life is teaching us the wisdom we need to learn, through the people and events we encounter. Awaken yourself !! Emancipate you mind !!

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Knowledge Is Empowering, Seek It

power of knowledge

It is said that the cure for boredom is curiosity, and there is no cure for curiosity. Knowledge positively influences the quality of our lives, because it positively influences our decision making process in every area of our lives. In order to grow our awareness, we must expand our perspective through knowledge. And as knowledge increases, wonder deepens. The right knowledge is necessary in order to elevate and emancipate ones mind. The next step is to apply it. Question everything and seek your truth. Stay curious and awaken !! Awakening is an inside…

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