Bring Understanding Before Judgement


Why do we judge? Is it us or just our egos? Filtering our lives through our egos, creates differences and judgement. It is a way of reassuring that the one that is Me, is better than the one that is You. Or it might be a way to exteriorise our inner tensions, of letting out what we don’t like about ourselves, and that we see in others. Whether jealousy, envy or frustration, judging creates disharmony inside of us, but at the same time opens our eyes to our inner issues. Everytime we are tempted to judge we should first try to understand why. By studying ourselves, the situation, the person in front of us, we will become aware of the issues we’ve locked inside ourselves, and with self control bring the changes necessary to evolve and become a better person than we were. Awakening is an inside job !!

Emancipate your mind !!

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