Knowledge Is Empowering, Seek It

power of knowledge

It is said that the cure for boredom is curiosity, and there is no cure for curiosity. Knowledge positively influences the quality of our lives, because it positively influences our decision making process in every area of our lives. In order to grow our awareness, we must expand our perspective through knowledge. And as knowledge increases, wonder deepens. The right knowledge is necessary in order to elevate and emancipate ones mind. The next step is to apply it. Question everything and seek your truth. Stay curious and awaken !! Awakening is an inside…

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Life Wisdom From American Natives

indiand life quotes

When it comes to life, we seem to have lost our inner essence. The more we brake our connection with Earth, creating ourselves superficial principles, the less we remember how we are supposed to filter life and the experiences we encounter. We move away from our true selves and create disharmony. By going back to our roots, we might understand and feel again the web of life that we are part of. Remember who you are !! Emancipate your mind !!

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Your Body And The Universe


We have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe means understanding yourself, and vice versa. It is another way of expanding our awareness and perspective. We need a comprehensive understanding regarding our place and purpose in this great design, from which we are part of. This is who we are and our connection with the cosmos. Knowledge is empowering. Emancipate your mind. Awakening is an inside job !!  

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Society Is A Reflection Of Itself

modern society

It is necessary to know how to look at society today, and see beyond the individualistic illusion. What if we realize how things actually connect, and what our place is in this social game? Achieving self awareness, is becoming who we really are. It is all a mind game, and a shift in perception, learning to see the big picture, is what humanity needs to move forward into a healthy future. We are all in this together. Emancipate your mind !! Awakening is an inside job !!

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The Intelligent Design Found Throughout Nature

golden mean

Our reality is very structured, and this is reflected in nature through geometry. We live in a coherent world governed by an intelligent design. The Fibonacci sequence and the Golden mean, both govern the proportions of our world, and they can be found throughout all the universal forms. Follow the next gallery to understand more about the great design we live in. Emancipate your mind !! Knowledge is empowering !!

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Humanity And The Global Mind

global mind

Every time we expand our perspective and see the broader picture, we realize there is a greater play taking place around us. Humanity is evolving, and each one of us plays an important role. The next video, by Peter Russell, is taking us through an evolutionary journey, helping us understand the connections and similarities found at every level of life. Humanity has now reached a point in which the next revolutionary leap is needed – the realization that we are part of a grander system, and the responsibility that comes with it. Once we understand…

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