Understanding The Enemy Called Fear

We all go through life experiencing different emotions. One of the lowest states that we find ourselves in is fear. There are actually two basic emotions, fear and love. When in love we are one with life, and we know deep inside nothing can brake us. Fear is the opposite state. We fall in fear when we forget we are alive, our essence and connection with the miracles happening around us every moment. Learn to be in control and conscious of your inner state. Don’t let fear overcome love, because…

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The Real Owners Of The World

george carlin

George Carlin knows what’s going on. And what’s going on is your getting played. It’s funny but deadly serious. We’ve been divided and conquered and its time to get our world back. We are all fulled into thinking everything is running smooth, and in the mean time we’ve been enslaved by the real owners of the world. They don’t care about us, and as long as we keep ignorant and play by their rules, nothing will change for good. It is in our power to bring the change. Nobody will do it…

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Some Advice About People And Self

advice about people

In today’s society there is a constant interaction between people, both at a physical and emotional level. What if we realized that the way we behave and influence the ones around us, can actually lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Life is teaching us the wisdom we need to learn, through the people and events we encounter. Awaken yourself !! Emancipate you mind !!

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This Is How You Enslave A Nation

economical assassins

A short video explaining the banking cartel, and the system of bringing down countries. This is the modern economical warfare. Everything is a facade, hiding the real international interests. We’ve been thrown in a game of false flags and divide and conquer. Unless we understand the rules of the game, then we wont be able to change the strategy. By raising our awareness and seeing behind the illusion, we will transcend the current system and build a new one that will benefit humanity as a whole. It is all about not playing…

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The Creation Of Money And Debt Explained

federal reserve

Money run today’s society. A piece of paper with no realistic value that writes the rules by which we live our lives. It is essential to understand how the system works, because whoever prints the money has control. This has been happening for some time now, and the final goal is the enslavement and control of the people. We are living in a vicious circle, and it all goes back to a colored piece of paper, printed by a shadowy private organization. Awakening is an inside job !! Emancipate your mind…

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The Mind Control Tech Inside Our Homes

media tv

Technology has played a major role in the evolution of our society. What we might not realize is that some of it is now being used against us. We all have it close to us, in our homes, next to our beds, every moment of the day. It is being used to manipulate our minds and influence our decisions. Understanding this, is the first step to start thinking for ourselves, and seeing the broader picture. Awaken yourselfves !! Emancipate your mind !!

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John F Kennedy Talking About The Hidden Rulers Of Our World

kennedy speech

You might already know this one, but the message is needed to be heard again. A great speech, from a great person, John F Kennedy. We’ve been told many times, that things are not what they seem. We are playing a rich man’s game, and they are pushing us around. What can we do about it? We must learn to see behind the veils, and stop being played. Knowing the truth is empowering, and it is what will help us bring forth again harmony and respect for each other and…

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The Illusion Of Money Explained

money illusion

We see the effects it has on our lives, but we don’t understand what its real purpose is. We build our lives around it, we live in a society where everything depends on it. The banking system, money, are what today create our standards of life. But how is money created, how does a bank work? And what is their real purpose? We need a deeper understanding of how the system was built around us, in order to bring the positive change we are all waiting for.  Challenge yourself to…

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Society Is A Reflection Of Itself

modern society

It is necessary to know how to look at society today, and see beyond the individualistic illusion. What if we realize how things actually connect, and what our place is in this social game? Achieving self awareness, is becoming who we really are. It is all a mind game, and a shift in perception, learning to see the big picture, is what humanity needs to move forward into a healthy future. We are all in this together. Emancipate your mind !! Awakening is an inside job !!

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Seek Your Truth And Think Freely


We live in a society where the right information can make a difference. It is obvious that today, in the age of information, being misinformed is a choice you make and a sign of ignorance. Question everything and seek your truth. It is the only way we can make the right decisions in the future. It is the only way we will be able to read between the lines and become the masters of our destinies. Truth will set us free. Emancipate your mind and think !! Knowledge is empowering !!

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