Don’t Let Schooling Interfere With Your Education

education system

A great mind once said that our current system doesn’t want people capable of thinking for themselves. Our education is based on competition and obedience, having nothing to do with the child’s natural talents and potential for development. Even more than that, for many it is the beginning of a life long cycle of servitude and making others rich. I have always said that knowledge is empowering, and training the mind to gather and correlate the right information, is what will push us towards the emancipation of our moral values and a deeper respect for life. So start thinking for yourself, and learn to see the big picture, one in which we are the creators of our moral evolution. Educating the mind is our greatest ally. Everybody can make a difference, and you should do it as well. Emancipate your mind and think !!

Knowledge is empowering !!

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