Protecting The Environment Means Protecting Our Future Selves

environment protection

We must remember, as part of the human family, that we only get one Planet. We’ve forgotten to take in consideration the impact our modern lives have on the environment. Blinded by greed and power, we’ve lost our connection with nature and our real purpose here. Brainwashed and modulated by the social game we live in, we’ve lost our respect, responsibility and admiration for life and nature. Earth is finite, and sooner or later, everything we do to our environment, will impact us as well. It is a mirror of our behavior. Everything is interconnected, and now, more than ever, we must act as the intelligent life forms we consider ourselves. We must live in harmony with Earth, and conscious that we are part of a larger organism. And it needs our respect. Awakening is an inside job !!

Emancipate your mind !!

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