Renewable Energy Is The Next Step

renewable energy

Let’s look at things this way. Over millions of years our planet has taken the CO2 from the atmosphere and hidden it in the ground, thus creating the optimum conditions for animal life to develop and thrive. What humanity does now, is to take the CO2 from the ground and throw it back in the atmosphere. How can we call this? Maybe ignorance, maybe greed. Something is clear, fossil fuels have helped do their job in the evolution of society, but now it’s time to evolve past these toxic energy…

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Wildife Is An Extension Of Humanity

wildlife protection

We are forgetting that everything we ever had or will have can be found on this round planet floating in space. Nobody is more responsible for what happens here than us. Modern society, unfortunately blocked our connection with the complex biosphere surrounding us. This made us lose our empathy, and the sense that we are part of a greater system, in which every individual has its own role. Now more than ever, we need to evolve in harmony with our home and the creatures we share it with. We must…

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Don’t Trash Our Future. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle !!


We are all part of a global society, and unfortunately, we don’t think too much about the consequences of our actions. We’ve slowly built ourselves a consummatory society, which we’ve further transformed into a disposable one. We consider it is easier to throw things away, than to fix or recycle them. Earth is finite, but we live as if we have no end. What we need now, is to bring respect and responsibility back in our lives, and act as the elevated beings that we consider ourselves. Awakening is an inside job…

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Protecting The Environment Means Protecting Our Future Selves

environment protection

We must remember, as part of the human family, that we only get one Planet. We’ve forgotten to take in consideration the impact our modern lives have on the environment. Blinded by greed and power, we’ve lost our connection with nature and our real purpose here. Brainwashed and modulated by the social game we live in, we’ve lost our respect, responsibility and admiration for life and nature. Earth is finite, and sooner or later, everything we do to our environment, will impact us as well. It is a mirror of…

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