Why Do We Still Let The System Play Us?

society system

We are society, and more than that, we are the change. We hold in our hands the potential for a better future. We’ve been systematically conditioned in our right to be alive, and in our capacity to explore our human potential. Without realizing, we’ve slowly become trapped in a vicious circle, a subjugating system. What does it mean to have a normal life anymore? Where are we heading for? Question everything and emancipate your mind. Learn to see behind the social veil, and understand the big picture. Awakening is an inside…

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The Illusion Of Social Freedom

society agenda

We go through each day of our lives in a repetitive manner. We follow a pattern, a model offered to us by society. We make it our purpose in life, and build our strategy around some values that others have given us. What is sad in all of this, is that we never stop to see the big picture, the fact that we invest in a society that steals away our human condition, and transforms us in passive and ignorant consumers. It’s time to remember who we are, and be the change…

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The Conspiracy Behind The Conspiracies

society conspiracy

The truth is out there and it might be hidden as a conspiracy theory. Looking at the events happening around the world, we cannot but think there is a hidden purpose for all the manipulation that is taking place. We are dominated by a small number of people, who pull the strings that modulate our minds and society. No matter how we look at things, it might be that what is really happening is crazier that we could imagine. Question everything, emancipate your mind !! Awakening is an inside job !!

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This Is How You Enslave A Nation

economical assassins

A short video explaining the banking cartel, and the system of bringing down countries. This is the modern economical warfare. Everything is a facade, hiding the real international interests. We’ve been thrown in a game of false flags and divide and conquer. Unless we understand the rules of the game, then we wont be able to change the strategy. By raising our awareness and seeing behind the illusion, we will transcend the current system and build a new one that will benefit humanity as a whole. It is all about not playing…

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John F Kennedy Talking About The Hidden Rulers Of Our World

kennedy speech

You might already know this one, but the message is needed to be heard again. A great speech, from a great person, John F Kennedy. We’ve been told many times, that things are not what they seem. We are playing a rich man’s game, and they are pushing us around. What can we do about it? We must learn to see behind the veils, and stop being played. Knowing the truth is empowering, and it is what will help us bring forth again harmony and respect for each other and…

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