The Real Owners Of The World

george carlin

George Carlin knows what’s going on. And what’s going on is your getting played. It’s funny but deadly serious. We’ve been divided and conquered and its time to get our world back. We are all fulled into thinking everything is running smooth, and in the mean time we’ve been enslaved by the real owners of the world. They don’t care about us, and as long as we keep ignorant and play by their rules, nothing will change for good. It is in our power to bring the change. Nobody will do it…

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This Is How You Enslave A Nation

economical assassins

A short video explaining the banking cartel, and the system of bringing down countries. This is the modern economical warfare. Everything is a facade, hiding the real international interests. We’ve been thrown in a game of false flags and divide and conquer. Unless we understand the rules of the game, then we wont be able to change the strategy. By raising our awareness and seeing behind the illusion, we will transcend the current system and build a new one that will benefit humanity as a whole. It is all about not playing…

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John F Kennedy Talking About The Hidden Rulers Of Our World

kennedy speech

You might already know this one, but the message is needed to be heard again. A great speech, from a great person, John F Kennedy. We’ve been told many times, that things are not what they seem. We are playing a rich man’s game, and they are pushing us around. What can we do about it? We must learn to see behind the veils, and stop being played. Knowing the truth is empowering, and it is what will help us bring forth again harmony and respect for each other and…

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