The Truth Behind The Banking System

banking system

In today’s society money is a necessary part of living, influencing every day of our lives. But it is becoming more obvious that people have no idea about how the monetary system really works, and what is hiding behind it. We revolve our lives around a piece of paper, without even realizing it is part of a bigger scheme. Money makes the world go round, and we are caught in a vicious circle of debt and interest, in which, unfortunately, we forgot that we hold the key to a better outcome. Awakening…

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How Money Influence Social Mentality


It brings out the good and bad in us. They give us power and the ability to make decisions that impact our society. They make us love and hate each other, envy or be jealous of each other. They create classes in society, so much that people are being ranked based on how much of them they have. But they also make our society seem evil, bringing forward things like corruption, war, drug trafficking, etc. All of these are done guessed it..a piece of paper called Money. Emancipate your mind…

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The Creation Of Money And Debt Explained

federal reserve

Money run today’s society. A piece of paper with no realistic value that writes the rules by which we live our lives. It is essential to understand how the system works, because whoever prints the money has control. This has been happening for some time now, and the final goal is the enslavement and control of the people. We are living in a vicious circle, and it all goes back to a colored piece of paper, printed by a shadowy private organization. Awakening is an inside job !! Emancipate your mind…

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The Illusion Of Money Explained

money illusion

We see the effects it has on our lives, but we don’t understand what its real purpose is. We build our lives around it, we live in a society where everything depends on it. The banking system, money, are what today create our standards of life. But how is money created, how does a bank work? And what is their real purpose? We need a deeper understanding of how the system was built around us, in order to bring the positive change we are all waiting for.  Challenge yourself to…

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