Fractals Are Nature’s Way To Create Complexity


A fractal is the way nature and life evolves, by repeating a pattern at different scales. The complexity we see all around us, is created by repeating a simple process over and over in a never ending feedback loop. This gives rise to a self-similar pattern, from the very small to the very large. The following pictures will help you understand everything better. Emancipate your mind !! Awakening is an inside job !!

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The Intelligent Design Found Throughout Nature

golden mean

Our reality is very structured, and this is reflected in nature through geometry. We live in a coherent world governed by an intelligent design. The Fibonacci sequence and the Golden mean, both govern the proportions of our world, and they can be found throughout all the universal forms. Follow the next gallery to understand more about the great design we live in. Emancipate your mind !! Knowledge is empowering !!

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